This game just got real.


Who is creating tabletop games in Chicago right now?
When does a friendly game turn competitive?
Whose turn is it anyway?


Living Room Playmakers presents an evening of world-premiere short plays and micro-documentary films that ask all of these questions and a whole lot more.


Under the Table was performed Sunday July 12 + Monday July 13, 2015, to sold-out audiences at the Cards Against Humanity headquarters in Chicago.


Under the Table

A multimedia exploration of Chicago’s tabletop gaming community


Five new plays by Will Arbery, Erin Austin, Jonathan Baude, Chad Eschman, and Tony Werner

Directed by Damon Krometis

Micro-documentaries directed and edited by Olivia Curry

Featuring Caitlin Costello, Amy Geist, Marika Mashburn, and Andrew Saenz

Produced by Erin Austin and Chad Eschman

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